The Launch Event of iChannelSolution Cross-border E-Commerce Smart Management System


  Today, the event of iChannelSolution Cross-border E-Commerce Smart Management System was held on the headquarters in Guangzhou, Hailunbao Creative Industry Park, Intechannel Technology Co. Ltd. This is the first time that inteChannel make a public announcement of iChannelSolution. We have specially invited the Mobile DreamWorks., QianZiChuangMei, YiFengShouShi, YingLiangZhuBao, JiaLuLian Trade Co., Ltd. and Shenzhen Leranda Technology Co., Ltd. to participate in our launch. On the event, our CEO Mr. Fong, BD Manager Mr. Chen and R&D Manager Mr.Zhang and other senior manager respectively presented their speeches and made a brief introduction of interChannel and iChannelSolution for the guests. 

  From the start of the event, Mr. Fong, the CEO of our company introduced the creation of iChannelSolution and its core technology source--- Silicon Valley, analysis of the idea of current demand for Good Cross-border E-commerce Management System of cross border sales and shows the mission and prospect of iChannelSolution. At the same time, Mr. Fong hope that iChannelSolution can be the most powerful cross-border e-commerce partner in the future. Secondly, BD Manager Mr. Chen introduced the development of inteChannel and put a detail interpretation of three major advantages of iChannelSolution: Multi Market and Multi Account Cloud Management, Centralized Customer Communication Management and Powerful market data analysis tools. 

  During the launch, our Customer Service Supervisor Miss Li also presented a quick demo of product listing, order delivery and email response through iChannelSolution and demonstrated the intelligent sales analysis module at the same time. We believe that these powerful and convenient function will really impress the present guest. And then, two of powerful advanced functions of our system ----batch import product data and intelligence to create Kit product were shown by Mrs. Zhang, the supervisor of Value-added Services Department in our company. 

  Furthermore, Manager Chen also introduced the service pricing of iChannelSolution. According to different customer requirements, we offer different versions of pricing, including Free Trial for 1 month, Leisure CRM, Basic and Profession. What’s more, R&D Manager Zhang and Supervisor Li respectively introduced two of our support teams---- R&D Department and Customer Service Department and show their team work philosophy and service mission, to provide customers with a strong support backing.

  Eventually finally, it the Question Time, and CEO Fong, manager Chen and Supervisor Li are ready to answer the guest’s question. The on-site audiences also showed a keen interest in our iChannelSolution and in consultation with the problem of agencies and production listing. 

  After the event, CEO Fong, Manager Chen and Zhang are discussing with the agencies and enjoying tea time. 

  In the end, let’s Congratulations on the successful completion of the Launch Event of iChannelSolution Cross-border E-Commerce Smart Management System.