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Centralized CRM
  • Manage multiple marketplace messages on one site.
  • Centralized Management Platform for e-mails and order statues between all clients from past and present.
  • Switch between eBay and Amazon with one-click with more markets soon to be added.
Market Analysis
  • Optimized selling analysis across multiple markets with detailed selling speeds, inventory demands and more!
  • Easily identify selling trends for each market over the past several months and years.
  • Real-time sales analysis on any device.
All Round Solution
  • 100% on the Cloud. Manage your E-commerce business anywhere,anytime,from any device!
  • Comprehensive mobile E-Commerce market management.
  • Simple easy-to-use solution that makes the process of E-commerce operation from inventorying, listing, ordering, to sales analysis EASY.
Product Data Management
Product Listing
Order Management
Warehouse Management
Sales Analysis

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Personal Care
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Electronic Accessories
Sports & Outdoors E-commerce Analysis ReportThe attractive yet inexpensive outdoor clothing and equipment made in China has enjoyed a lot of popularity among fans of outdoor activities; possessing unlimited potential and broad developmental space for business. According to the analytical data from 2016, the amount of people who joined outdoor activities in the US accounted for 52%, and rising year by year, of its population.
Personal Care E-commerce analysis reportStatistics show that every month in the skin care products invested more than 500 yuan of consumers accounted for only 14.85%, consumers for mid-range cosmetics consumer demand has dominated the market. Male skin care market has not yet appeared \"popular trend\", only 35.65% of men used for men skin care products, 86.15% of the consumers believe that the varieties of skin care products for men are yet to be further enriched. For this reason exactly, the market of men’s skin care products possesses a huge development potential and the skin care industry can further make in-depth and detailed efforts.
Jewelry & Accessories E-commerce analysis reportJewelry e-commerce indicates that jewelry enterprises and merchants work to achieve electronization and automation in each phase from pre-sale service to after-sale support during the process of selling jewelry products. It’s a required means for the current jewelry industry to enhance their competitiveness, represents the future development tendency of the jewelry industry and more importantly serves as the best business platform to electronize, digitalize and network the process of jewelry transaction. So far, the turnover of China’s domestic online jewelry stores has enjoyed a 200%-500% increase annually. In addition, the improvement of external environment enables the e-commerce in China’s jewelry industry to have a promising future.
Baby & Toys E-commerce analysis reportAlong with the rise of the young generations, post 85s and 90s, those who represent the global major force of digital consumers have already reached their parenting age. The advanced values of raising children and consumption behavior render the rapid developments of online maternal and infant product market. From information content services to facilities, and further to O2O services of maternal and infant product e-commerce, cross-border shopping and large maternal and infant appliance industry, users’ appeal is reversely forcing the maternal and infant product industry to develop towards standardization and high quality.
Electronics E-commerce Analysis ReportIDC, the third-party statistical institution, has recently published the sales data of global smartphones in 2016, which indicates that the globally top five mobile phone manufacture giants, Samsung, and Apple, Huawei, OPPO and Vivo, account for 21.2%, 14.6%, 9.5%, 6.8% and 5.3% respectively. Compared to the sales data in 2015, market shares of both Samsung and Apple declined to some extent. The proportion of Samsung in the last year was 22.3% while Apple was 16.1%. However, all the market shares of China's mobile phone producers, which respectively ranked from the third to the fifth place, achieved a year-on-year growth.
Electronic Accessories E-commerce Analysis ReportElectronic accessories, as fast-moving consumer goods, have become the products particularly purchased by customers. The statistics shows that, in the electronic chain supermarkets of The United States, sales of electronic accessories take up over 30% of electronic products total sales volume. However, the sales volume of China’s electronic accessory has not surpassed 10% that of electronic products. Therefore, it still has tremendous potential.
In the era of big data, management information is at its disposal.
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